It’ll do.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playing with my sister’s daughter is fun. She seems to like me. And I helped my sister carry groceries.

All of my stuff is set up, in my new room at the house. My “bed” is just a nest of pillows and blankets at the moment on the wooden floor. I played with the Great Dane dog next door. I just went up, knocked on the door and basically asked if I could play with their dog in the back yard. I was a little scared at first [of the people, not the dog!], but I’m glad I took the risk. I made friends with the neighbor and her son. So the dog and I ran around in their back yard for a bit.

So I’m happy. This state is not ideally where I want to be, but I’ll make rainbows and sunshine while I’m here.

I’m going to a drum circle tonight at the local meditation center.

I applied for a job at a local greenhouse. They will start hiring in March.

I’d like to lose 20–30 pounds in body weight or at least convert some over to muscle instead of fat. I’m about 180 lbs. right now (dressed). Playing is my preferred method of exercise. Or working. I think exercise videos get boring after a while.

I’ve sent loving energy to my sister’s daughter, as well as the Reiki protection/blessing and cleansing symbols. I also cast/visualize white light surrounding her and protecting her. I’m curious about her and I wonder who her spirit guides are.


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