Fast food job interview

Monday, January 30, 2011

Today I had an interview at a fast food restaurant. She read questions from a paper. I could quickly tell that it didn’t really matter to her what the answers were, so when she asked, “What are your weaknesses?”, I smiled and answered joyfully, “I have no weaknesses!” She nodded and wrote it down on the paper. lol

A question “for fun” was: What would be the title of a movie or book about your life?

I thought for a moment. I needed something that could capture the fact that I’d been through pain, but was also living a happy life now. And a peaceful life. “Mission Accomplished,” I said proudly. Yes. Of course. That is perfect. I’ve accomplished so much. Mountains. I feel like I’ve been able to do things in this life that might have taken 50 or 100 lifetimes in another place/dimension/world.

She asked if I could handle a stressful, busy atmosphere. I challenged the question because it seemed like she thought (or whoever wrote the question thought), or rather assumed, that stress must go hand-in-hand with being busy. I do not believe this has to be true. I am fully capable of being busy without the mental anguish of stress. I told her that I would take steps to remove myself from stressful situations and atmospheres ASAP, but not necessarily busy atmospheres. Did she even understand, as she wrote it down? I understand myself. She doesn’t have to. But it would be nice to find someone who does understand.


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