Sunday, January 30, 2011

I don’t see the need to keep this whole house heated when I’m here alone and just reading in my room. The cold motivated me to go out and search for a heater at Home Depot. On the way, I saw that a fast-food place was hiring for the night time closing shift.

Since HD didn’t have the kind of heaters I wanted, I took it as a sign that the reason for the  universe making me feel extra cold was to provide motivation to go out and see the fast food ad! So I applied and they said to come back tomorrow (that was easy!).

I sent Reiki thoughts of loving energy out into the forest in the back yard, here. I’d explored a little, and I’d asked permission from the nature spirits to enter their territory. I saw a branch blocking the “path,” so I assumed this area was not usually for humans. I mean I took it as a sign. Permission, I felt inside, was given. I entered and sat on a log. It wasn’t too cold. The forest is still somewhat insulated even in the winter. I’m using my intuition more and I feel happy to be connected with nature and earth.

I sense that I will be hired at the fast food place. Perhaps my soul will learn more lessons there; or maybe they are in need of Peace. I’d still like to work at a gardening place, though.


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