Snowman, birds, squirrel, Ringing Cedar books

February 3, 2011

I’m making a conscious choice to radiate love to all human beings. Previously it was easiest to give love to plants, animals and nature in general, but I feel that I’m ready—and strong enough—to include humans in the loop.

I made a snowman today. Actually, it’s more like a short, fat snow blob.

Strawberry (my betta fish pet) is doing a little better with the heater in my room.

Meditation in the forest is awesome. Birds come close to eat sunflower seeds. I sensed a squirrel coming—5-10 min later it appeared. It wanted to eat but recognized my human shape and was not sure if it was safe. It squawked at me from the trees. I sent it Reiki, then went inside the house.

I’m inspired by the Ringing Cedar series of books. Anastasia says: “If your intentions are good, let them be expressed right there where you are living. Let your love illuminate those living around you.”

No need to go live in the wilderness as she does. Food for thought!



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