Day-dreams of the future I want

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Ringing Cedar series of books are truly remarkable and inspiring. I am inspired to create a positive life and future and encouraged to keep on the path of reconnecting with nature. The squirrels outside have come a little closer to me this morning… maybe that’s a good sign!

So in these books, I’ve learned (re-learned?) that human beings can create our own destinies—we can have Paradise here on this Earth!

So I will take a moment to write down some of my dreams.


In the near future, I will grow things—flowers, healing herbs, veggies, fruit trees, grains, etc. I will be able to grow them all year long. I can always just simply go to the back yard / front yard and pick a fresh, edible item, any time of year.

Maybe I’ll live in a place where this can be accomplished outside. That is my preference. Or, as a second option, I’m open to a greenhouse.

I can grow mango fruit and bananas, as well as berries, beans, apples and all sorts of veggies.

They are all grown with love. Often, I use Anastasia’s method of giving information to the seed. I start almost everything from seed. Most of what I grow is perennial. I exchange seeds with local gardeners. My herb collection is absolutely amazing. People drive far to buy my herbs, which are reasonably-priced. They notice the love—the difference in taste. It tastes wonderful! I can make a lot of spice mixes, like paprika, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper.

With all the Earth changes, new herbs have begun to appear. They are healthy for humans. I grow and use some of the new herbs.


I have a wonderful relationship with the animals who live in the area. I plant things in the forest for them to eat, like sunflowers and rye grains. They love it! They always leave plenty for me to eat and sell.

There are absolutely no pest problems at all. The creatures of the forest are very quick to eat bugs or rabbits if the population threatens to eat my crops (the crops for me and other humans).

I practice Reiki healing/energy on the wild animals. They come to me if they need healing and I sit patiently with them. The forest keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so I can continue the healing if needed.

The people of the community sometimes come to me for healing. They bring their children or pets or even sometimes plants in pots, or an apple tree that was looking sickly. Sometimes they give me money in exchange. Other times, they make me food, like a pie. I love pies.

My main source of income is in selling the food. I make plenty of money. The land I live on was given to me for free. It is mine and I love to plant things there, for me and future generations to enjoy. I never have to pay taxes on Reiki or gardening—I mean when I sell the services or items.

I rarely use my car anymore. I ride my bicycle around town. I have plenty of free time, to meditate or hang out with friends. My garden really just seems to grow on its own. I have good communication with the plants. The biggest thing I do for the Paradise Garden is give it love.


I have a few pets. Dogs, cats, a horse. They were all obtained free of charge—people gave them to me. My partner/husband/boyfriend/mate takes care of the horse. I help, too. We can ride the horse and intuitively communicate with the horse, lovingly, where to go. We just have a simple saddle and soft reins—no bit in the mouth or anything. The horse is beautiful, strong, smart and gentle.


My mate is wonderful and amazing. He really seems like an extraterrestrial. There are stars in his eyes and I can tell that he’s “not from around here.” He “gets” me. He understands me, and I understand him. We are a good team. Good harmony and balance. He is cute/handsome, and around my age.

At the time of writing this vision/dream/wish, I still do not want children of my own; however, I would love to participate in the upbringing of children in the community. My sister’s children, perhaps. I can be like a helper or teacher. If they ask me questions about Earth, spirits or gardening, I will always find the right words to say. They are my teachers as well, and I respect and love them.


Back to the garden, there is not a need to preserve food for myself, since I will never go hungry (since food grows continuously all year). However, I’ve learned to preserve or dehydrate food so I can send it to others who don’t live close by. The workload is never overwhelming. Always a calm and gentle flow of customers. My garden is a pick-your-own type of garden. The people can pick what they want, pay me, and take it home. They come to my house. I don’t have a separate location (no office that I need to drive to).

Since it’s free to live on the land, I like to use a barter system often. I trade my food for, say, eggs for cooking. I make medicinal mixtures with the herbs.

I have wind chimes outside that were given as a gift. They are not the cheap, crappy kind. They are large and very beautiful-sounding! I love to drink tea with my herbs and listen to the chimes and the birds.

I don’t live near any busy roads. The noises I most commonly hear are nature sounds. My cabin is very sturdy. Plenty of light—lots of windows. Electricity is from the sun (solar panels?) or from new technology either released from the bondage of our government or given to us from extra-terrestrials.

AND SPEAKING OF ETs… (continuing to day-dream in the present-tense)

I’ve made contact with a race of E.T.s. They are closely connected with my mate/partner. They are SO friendly, inspiring, beautiful and filled with joy and love! They’ve really helped me to see what I already knew inside but was having trouble seeing it—my purpose in this life.

UpsilonAndromedae_D_moons, Wikipedia

We visited my home planet. Nothing could have prepared me for such magnificent beauty. It was like heaven, multiplied by a billion times. All the beings and animals greeted me and of course I instantly recognized them, as a flood of memories came into my mind. I love them and they love me. But I wanted to go back to Earth and finish my “missions.” I knew I’d be back home again later.

The U.S. follows Russia’s dream—free land to all citizens. No taxes on the food produced. People become loving, gentle co-creators. We are inspired!


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