Thoughts of another planet

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can’t win the lottery without the action of buying a ticket!

Would it be possible to have a relationship with someone who was not born on Earth? A life-long mate who is an extra-terrestrial. I fully believe that people exist on other planets and many people have been visiting Earth.

I dream of meeting an E.T. man and we fall in love. But where would I go, to meet such a person? A man who’d fall in love with an Earth human… A man with “stars in his eyes.” With different energy; compatible with mine. Connected on a deep spiritual level.

But what action can I take? Action is required to make dreams and thoughts come true. Maybe I can visit his planet, with my third eye, in deep meditation. I mean, visit him, instead of waiting for him to show up at my doorstep.

I also dream of traveling—all over the Earth and vacation on other planets, as well. Perhaps that can come true, through my mate.

And what about my garden? I dream of creating a forest of food and love, for me, animals, and human local neighbors. I’ll need to think of a way that I can travel, yet also tend my garden. Perhaps travel will just be done with the 3rd eye. My 3rd eye is somewhat weak now. I will train it—train myself—to get more powerful so I can meet my mate and take vacations to places everywhere.

Most of all, I dream of peace and love for Earth.

I laid out the Sacred Geometry cards: intuition, recognition, openness, frequency, communication, contact, confidence, connection, intention.

I laid on my bed and meditated. I asked for the assistance of my spirit guides and asked for my higher self to guide me to his planet—my future mate. I created the intention to find him, contact him, and invite him to come to Earth.

I closed my eyes and relaxed each part of my body. I sunk my body down into the bed and told my spirit/soul to rise up. In my mind’s eye, I pictured traveling through the roof, over trees, into the atmosphere, and outside Earth. I saw Earth glowing blue, surrounded by space, with the sun in the distance.

A transparent, wavy area in a rectangle shape was near Earth. This was the “freeway,” the road, the stargate, the path to get outside the solar system in the direction I wanted to go. I went inside and things sped up, kind of like in the end of the movie Contact (with Jodie Foster). Then I saw a solar system with a layout similar to mine: A sun in the middle and planets circling around. A red-ish planet, green-ish planet, and purple-ish planets, circled the sun-star. The sun seemed to have a purple-ish outline. I became interested in the green planet but was also curious about the purple planet.

Then I realized that the purple planet was a prototype. Not yet finished. I could visit later when it was done being worked on. So I entered the atmosphere of the green planet. Green glow. Just picture Earth except green instead of a blue glow. Lots of trees and tall forests.

Little round homes/huts that looked similar to hobbit holes (Lord of the Rings), but out in the open instead of dug into a hillside.

A community. People lived inside. Maybe some sort of social or gathering center in the middle.

I went into one and waited for guests to leave. An attractive male humanoid was there, sitting at what looked like a desk. He sensed my presence. I appeared at first as a shapeless ball of energy.

We communicated through ideas/thought, instead of spoken language. He looked directly at me. Dark, deep eyes. Aura of love and joy. I didn’t see colors in his eyes like Earth humans. Longer hair—seemed like lights sparkled in his hair. He was very beautiful—his beauty stemmed from his inner self—not from the outside, but from within.

He pointed to a ma of the galaxy and I saw a sort of hologram appear of our solar system. He pointed to the third planet, Earth, as if he was asking me if that is where I was from. I said (or thought) “yes.”

Then I had the information that he’d been studying the Earth for a while and was interested in it. His people have already mastered inter-planetary space travel, so he could come visit Earth. I invited him to come meet me—we could fall in love and be a couple (mates, partners)—if he was interested.

And he is interested! I’m so happy and excited. I showed him what my body looks like. I felt him hug me. I felt love. I told him I was going now, back to Earth. I traveled away, in the opposite sequence, and came back into my body.


Book 8-1, The New Civilisation

The history of many millennia shows that women cease giving birth when they see no prospective future for their children.

Indeed, I’d written it off (the desire to have children). Forever, I thought, because I saw no hope. But these Anastasia books have given me hope for the future.


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