Does the Ringing Cedar Series have the right idea?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the Ringing Cedar series of books:

Every willing family is offered free of charge one hectare [approx. 2.5 acres] of land for lifetime use with the right of inheritance for the purpose of establishing on it their own kin’s domain. The produce grown on the domain, as well as the domain itself, is not subject to any form of taxation.

If I get that wonderful dream-come-true (quote, above), and if I get a loving (preferably E.T.-origin) mate, then I might (just might!) consider having a child. Anything less is not worthy of children. And I love my sister’s kid but I hold firm the belief that this world is no place for children. This planet sucks the soul out of people and turns them into robots or zombies. That is the main reason why I don’t want kids… I could never forgive myself if I brought a child into this Hell.

This is something I would not tell my sister or anyone with kids, since they might take offense or think that I was questioning their love to their children.

I think they just don’t know any better. Or to refrain from feeling guilty about ringing a child into a backwards world, they don’t look at the truth nor seek it. But I demand the truth. I will know the origin of humans and the inner power and love we hold inside ourselves.

I remember when the desire for land came about. It was when I realized how much I loved gardening—especially raising a plant from seed. Then, naturally, I realized that apartment living wasn’t going to “cut it.” I needed land, where I am free to do my own thing, as I see fit.

I think it was summer or fall of 2010. That is when I began searching for cheap land. I needed it cheap, since I didn’t really have any money. But even the “cheap” land cost “an arm and a leg,” as the saying goes. I remember wondering why land wasn’t given to us for free. Then, several months later, I was given the Ringing Cedar Series books, where the author proceeds to plot out details of a plan on how and why to give citizens free patches of land.

It sounds like a dream-come-true. Or an impossible dream. But I’ll spend a lot of my energy and thoughts trying to help this dream turn into physical reality. Not just for my happiness but for the peace and happiness of our world’s children.


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