Perfect Paradise needed, before considering a child

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dream—>Thought—>Action …right? Right!

The Action I’ve taken today is to draft an email letter to the State Representatives in the two USA states that I’ve lived in, and those Senators, as well, in support of Anastasia’s proposed law [in the Ringing Cedar Series books]. I also mentioned my reasons for previously not considering having children. I intend to send this letter.

1) If we’re going to have a better future (not just better, but pure paradise!), then I am considering the possibility of giving birth.

2) Likewise, if I am considering having a child, then I am going to work my ass off to try and make this future come true. A child of mine would deserve no less. And I won’t have a child until Paradise conditions are obtained. That means clean air, clean water sources, and a more spiritually-inclined world of people, complete with a higher conscious-awareness.

I’ve planted a seed in dirt from the forest, in a little plastic container. I think it’s a pine Redwood, like from California. I got the see in the southwest when I saw a tree that hadrecently died (or had taken another form of life/existence).

Perhaps one day, I’ll arrange all these journals into a “Book of Kin,” like in the Ringing Cedars.

My dream of my own garden, my own land, grows stronger each day.


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