The Power To Choose

Saturday, Feb 13, 2011

2009 and 2010 were major years of healing for me. Especially once I realized that I have the power or ability to choose. Once I realized that, then it was all over for the “negative” or the darker side. I can choose. It’s free will. I’d forgotten! My soul had forgotten it, and with no memory, and no one to teach me or remind me, I’d just assumed that I had no choice. That I was automatically a slave. I gave away my power of choice—to politicians when I voted for them, to men when I slept with them, to banks when I gave them my money and bought into the idea that money and things can make me happy.

I forgot, above all, that I can choose love. Once I uttered those words for the first time, then hate, fear, despair, and pain disappeared and stopped automatically controlling my life. “I choose love,” and everything wonderful and good stems from that thought—from that choice.

This has been the big, grand deception: that we had no choice. The illusion of being forced to do things, forced to be unhappy, forced to live a lie.

We must all take back our power and remember that we always have a choice! And I choose love!

Our individual lives are small examples—everywhere—of the chaos and problems on the Earth at large. Once people remember or realize that we can choose how to live our lives, the “dark forces'” time has ended. May we all choose love, choose lives of joy and abundance!

I wrote a song to sing to my plants:

Arise, awake
Little seedlings of mine!
Arise, awake,
Grow to the sky!

I give you my love
and all that I know;
Continue to glow,
and shine,
and grow!

To my future mate:

My love, you’ve travelled across the sky;
You’ve seen places and people much different than I.
But in all your travels, no one can compare,
To the Earth woman you’ve seen, with flowers in her hair!

For about a month now, I’ve had dreams of me with longer hair and I like the way I look. I want to grow my hair longer so I can braid it and put flowers and grasses in it. The shaved head was fun, though! Now, on to something new.

To my future mate:

I see stars in your eyes
Glittering with love
And all the worlds you’ve visited
So far above.

Light skin, a long, slender nose,
A smile to melt my heart in love;
Your hair seems to glow in the light,
like silver or gold.

What could I offer you?
Your technology is far beyond ours.
I could be your companion and lover/mate
Together, we can create a Space of Love
and fill it with food from plants from each 
of our worlds.

I invite you to visit Earth
Will you look for me?
Meet me… let’s get to know one another
And see if love will flow naturally.

I don’t know anyone 
who dated an Extra-terrestrial man;
And I’ve never met any other
civilizations, in person. But I’d like to.
I don’t know how we’d meet, but I want to.

May the world now shift from the illusion of choice to freedom of choice!

I choose!

I choose life! Love! Abundance of joy, clean air, pure water, connection to nature, and a garden that is co-created with the universe!

I choose confidence!


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