Visualizing the Future I Desire

Sunday, February 14, 2011

With these seemingly endless thousands of years of being controlled, human beings definitely have a major lesson to loose—we are all one. We are all connected. We are all equal in power, ability, and inner love. No one—or few—should ever be placed above the rest of the population, as being more important or more powerful.

If anyone ever comes knocking at our doorstep and tries to convince one of us in the way Anastasia mentioned (of her ancestors): “Your neighbors are plotting against you and will soon overtake your domain! But if you listen to me, you can have them at your feet, instead!” It would never work, because we remember that no one should be at the feet of anyone else. Equal bros and sisters!


[Note: The following in italics is a pretend diary entry from the “future.” It hurt a little to type this into my blog because none of this came true at all; I really thought it would happen and I believed it with all my heart. I was trying to use the “Law of Attraction” by visualizing what I wanted to happen.]

Before the snow melted—before Spring even hit—I was planning my garden already. I took a few tips and hints from gardening books, but I decided to use my intuition and ask the nature spirits and fairies for help. I co-created the garden—I didn’t do it alone. The spirits were there with me, the entire time. 

I’d decided to grow my hair longer. My hair started growing 2 or 3 times the normal speed once I started consciously directing energy to my head and especially once I began eating the plants I grew.

I planted all the organic seeds the way Anastasia had recommended, in the Ringing Cedar books. By the time they snow was completely gone everywhere, my hair was already down past my ears—almost to my shoulders. And by my birthday, I easily braided my hair, and I put sweet-smelling grasses or flowers tucked in to the braid.

I was hired at the gardening center across the street, near the end of February. It was a great place to work. The people were friendly, loved nature, and it was such a contrast to the soul-killing atmosphere of the job in the southwest U.S. I actually liked my boss this time! Imagine that!

Once my own crops started to grow, I put out a sign near the road that advertised. “Pick Your Own Veggies/Flowers.” It was a cute sign and people saw how beautiful the yard was. The plants glowed with love and people/visitors could feel it in their hearts. I never needed to advertise—the taste of the crops was something I’d never tasted before—almost unbelievably good and nutritious! And they just looked healthy. And the people who ate them, looked healthier.

Visitors bought the surplus produce and picked their own bouquet flowers. I’d often have repeat customers each week because the food tasted so good. Even the animals loved the food I planted in the forest for them. They didn’t come towards the house and didn’t eat the crops for humans, since I provided food near the forest. 

I also often communicated successfully with the nature and animal spirits and requested that they only eat the food in the forest, or at least please leave plenty for the humans. 

Over the spring and summer, I often still found time to meditate outside. I developed a loving relationship with the creatures and they were no longer afraid of me. I could pet them, or they’d perch on my knee.

Word spread that I could do Reiki healing and I did Reiki either at my house or theirs (usually mine) or even at the meditation group’s house on the other side of town. I also meditated there. The meditations proved to be extremely good, relaxing and peaceful. We had fascinating conversations about the future of the Earth. And I was able to find out more info about myself.

Towards the end of the growing season, the trees were turning beautiful colors. The neighbor had ended up with puppies—the Great Dane had mated with another dog. So the neighbor gave me a great dane puppy in exchange for some produce. She loved the flowers that I planted and she found that looking at them often gave her a sense of peace. Indeed, my garden had a deep sense of balance, harmony, and peace. And people knew it and they liked to return.

When the trees began dropping their colorful leaves, I was in the yard one day, discussing plants with a local neighbor. A couple other people were picking a few veggies. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old man in a hat, but didn’t pay much attention to him at first. When the others had left, I’d forgotten all about him until I felt someone looking at me. I turned to the arch of flowers—the gateway between the yard and the forest—and saw the old man smiling at me.

It was then that I realized he wasn’t old at all! His hair was silver-white and long (past his shoulders) but his face was as young and joyful as mine. His nose was long and thin. His eyes were various shades of blue, and a little bit of purple-indigo mixed in.

I stopped in my tracks. It was him. I knew it was him. I’d thought about him, written about him… sometimes I doubted… but I felt the instant recognition of my Soul Mate. 

I curiously walked up to him. Up close, I saw not just stars in his eyes, but worlds, galaxies, and whole universes. This was a man who was clearly “not from around here.” He’d travelled to countless places, half for vacation and tourism and half to render assistance. He was filled with bright love, deep peace, and joy.

All this information I could tell even before we spoke. We were silent for what seemed like an eternity… but it was only a moment. We both smiled. We knew each other’s souls. This was basically “love at first sight,” but looking back, I bet we already loved each other before we met.

He was taller than me. Skin a little lighter than mine (since I’d been in the sun all summer), but he didn’t look sickly pale—on the contrary, he was a shining example of health.

It was sunset and I took down the sign by the road. He and I talked all evening, getting to know each other. He held nothing back—he told me about his planet, his ship, missions, and why he was so interested in Earth. I sensed no harmful intentions, ever. He only wanted the good of all, as did I.

That night, we arranged our next meeting and I had a decision to make. There was no rush, of course, with time being an illusion. Some days later, I’d made up my mind to go with him, and I’ve never been happier!

To be continued…

[further in the future…]

It’s been so great to travel and see other planets and dimensions. I like traveling with my body and I remember everything—no memory wipe!

We decided to return to Earth. He’ll live with me here, as my mate. Much changed on Earth in a short time. People are more loving towards all life. There are no more fast food restaurants. People can get land for free and so he and I signed up to get land. We’ll start our own garden and food orchard. And now that acceptance of ETs is more wide-spread, things are easier. I will be abel to introduce my beloved to my sister and her family.


Blech. I’m tired of waiting, already! I wish I could meet him sooner. Doubt creeps in, again. Am I wishing for the right thing? What if I was supposed to end up with a human? What if ETs don’t really exist after all? I wish Earth had Open Contact.

[Drawings of garden layout plan. Lists of things to grow.


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