More Disgruntled Ramblings

Monday, Feb. 21, 2011

Snow today. Dry and cold as hell—my fucking hands are so dry that they’re bleeding, for fuck’s sake. That didn’t even happen in the deserts of the southwest US.

I made cat toys with fabric, plastic and catnip. I’ll try selling them if the weather clears up soon. I need it for the $8.79 left-over phone bill from the southwest.

Buying gold and silver was a stupid idea. No one uses it—the landlord of this house and the grocery stores still accept American dollars. Additionally, the food I thought was vegetarian has chicken “flavor” added in, and it’s so mentally disgusting to me. So that’s the last time I’ll take advice from the internet—people freaked out and said to buy food, seeds, silver and gold coins, because the US is gonna “go to shit.”

Well, nothing’s happening, unfortunately. I wish things would change, though. I hate this planet, sometimes. This state doesn’t have that “special, loving childhood feel” like the movies show when the main character comes back home to a grand reunion. It’s so foreign, as I’ve mentioned before.

I want out. I want to leave. I wish I could take a break from Earth and go somewhere else for at least a year or few years and then come back with my memory fully in tact (none of that “born-without-a-memory” bullshit) so I can more efficiently continue whatever retarded mission I’m supposed to be doing here.


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