Friday, Feb. 25, 2011


I did the whole exercise DVD (step kick boxing) all the way through for the first time, instead of getting tired and stopping half way through. I’d been experimenting with food. I found that I didn’t have much energy if I tried to exercise after skipping breakfast. I put nuts, berries and raisins into oatmeal. And honey. Drank water. Played Sudoku while it digested [I had a book]. Then exercised. Maybe my body is also getting used to the movements, so it’s easier. But I’m proud of myself, anyway.


I did Reiki on myself for the first time in several days—almost a week. The return of snow outside has been a little depressing over the past few days. I was really hoping spring would come early, especially so I can hopefully work at the gardening store across the street. I’ll go to the “ReikiShare” event tonight at the meditation house on the other side of town. Maybe I’ll meet someone cool there.


I’ve thought about looking up one of my old friends from the past. She was a lesbian and a great friend. My sister said that my friend had a sex change since then, so I’d refer to her as “him” now. I see no problem with it. I wonder if he looks cute as a guy. My thoughts continued to run away: I wonder if he’s single? Could we have worked as a couple? I’ve considered lesbian relationships, but I feel more comfortable with a guy/boyfriend, even though I think sex is boring. Really, I just want someone with whom I can connect with on deeper levels—not just superficial, surface-level attraction.

Don’t get me wrong—I’d love to have a cute guy my age, but at this point I’d much rather (if I had to choose between the two, that is) have a really super-intelligent guy who is “on the same page” as me, with my spiritual, political, philosophical beliefs… A companion who understands me and gets me, and we can travel (the stars?) together.


I like listening to soundtrack movie music—esp. the Lord of the Rings. One is so powerful that is brings tears to my eyes (The White Tree” from LotR3). I’d like to play along with the CD, with a trombone. Maybe join a band. …Or maybe I should try coming up with a dream that doesn’t involve money….


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