Semi-truck Stuck in the Snow

Sat., Feb. 26, 2011

Well, this morning ended up being quite interesting and adventurous!

After breakfast, I heard the repetitive engine roar of a truck. I glanced out the window and saw a truck rocking forwards and backwards, trying to get up out of the warehouse driveway across the street. The ramp sloped up towards the road, and down towards the warehouse.

I casually thought, “he might be stuck” then went back to playing Sudoku and forgot about it.

Several minutes later, I noticed the noise again and realized, “Oh shit, he’s stuck!” I grabbed my coat and a snow shovel that I found in the garage of the house, went outside and ran across the street.

The snow was blowing heavily in the wind, with occasional tiny ice particles pelting my cheeks. My knees turned red, as the wind blew through the holes I’d not sewn up, yet.

I saw the truck driver trying to put chains on one of the tires. I explained that I lived across the street and heard him trying to get out of the driveway. He vented frustration a little towards the snow plower people not plowing. But I knew the plower guys had been there are 4 AM—I heard them while I was writing my dream. It’s just that a retarded amount of snow is currently falling. But he was thankful for the help.

A few minutes later, a guy in a black Jeep pulled up next to the truck, coming from the warehouse below and asked if we wanted another shovel and some salt. I said yes and I ran back over to the building with him.

Inside, I explained that I lived across the street and just came to help. The guy (Dave) said most of his workers called off, today. I immediately asked, “Are you looking for people to work? ‘Cause I’m looking for a job.” He seemed nice and I’m sure that I made a good impression by helping the truck driver outside, so Dave said he can get me an application. I’ll stop by Monday to fill one out and I’ll ask for him.

So I went back outside and spent some time digging out the snow and putting rock salt around the tires. After multiple tries, the driver got the chains around the tires.

He was happy to get the truck going again, and really thankful for the help. He shook my hand and pulled away. I waved goodbye and he honked his truck’s horn. I jumped for joy and celebration.

I took the shovel and salt back to the warehouse and I saw Dave again. He said even if they don’t have a full-time job, I could still get a part-time job or perhaps like an independent contractor. I mentioned to him that the warehouse looked like the dream I had last night and I was flying around up above, like a bird. He said I could make a lot of money if I could fly like that! Haha!

As an after-thought, I don’t think I care where I work, anymore. The fact is that I need money for rent and food and I’d like to have money for gardening, if needed. Oh, and money for attending events at the meditation center, too.


Today’s Sacred Geometry card is Loyalty. (Pulled intuitively from the deck.) It’s about remaining true to myself—even maybe if it means being disloyal to someone else, like a good friend. Being loyal through and through, without forgetting myself.

I have something great and wonderful to contribute to the world. I just have to find out what it is, exactly. What can I do? Be an example of Love? Of someone who can “just be me?” A gardener? A healer? A helper? A deep thinker? All of the above, I suppose. Have I just answered my own question? It’s like trying to swim through mud. Is there anything else I’ve missed? I wish I knew what I wanted to accomplish. The Earth situation is miserable and I want to help the world and make it a better place.

And maybe just grabbing a snow shovel helps, in a ripple-like, Domino Effect sort of way.


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