Realistic Interview Questions; Unrealistic Answers

Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011

I’m preparing for the interview tomorrow. I’m going over the regular interview questions that are often asked.

“What are your long-range goals and objectives?” (career-wise)

My answer: To find a job that I’m happy with—one that adds joy to my life and adds peace to Earth.

The only problem with that answer is that unfortunately it’s not a realistic answer for jobs. But why? I mean… why not? Why isn’t Peace on Earth a realistic goal? Why don’t we have more people with that kind of goal and objective? I feel like if I say that answer in a job interview, I’ll be laughed at and I won’t be hired. But why wouldn’t people want to hire someone whose goal is Peace on Earth?

“How do you plan to achieve your career goals?”

My answer: • Use the Law of Attraction. • Become the change I want to see in the world. • Visualizing a dream, thinking about how the end result feels and then take action to make it happen.

Why can’t I say that in an interview? The voice of people like my sister are in my head, saying it’s not a wise decision, if I want to get hired. I should, instead, talk about materialistic, shallow crap like bringing in more money for the company.

Why is it like this? I question this!

Why is there no career in bringing Peace to the world?

None of these jobs are in balance and harmony with Earth. Even the so-called “non-profit” entities are just as bad. The whole system, down to the very thoughts and actions of the people, needs to be altered.

“Be the change I want to see,” right? But we all need to do that—not just the minority. It needs to be the majority!


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