Jurassic World movie (spoilers and weird interpretations)

I’ve read enough conspiracy theory / new age websites to guess at “hidden messages” in movies, so I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.

The big dinosaur (main villain) = the old white draco elite ET(s), or white reptilian royal(s).

Raptors = the illuminati “blue blood” family members and cabal members who have defected and end up helping the Earth Alliance/Resistance, or Secret Space Programs (SSPs). These represent folks who used to be the bad guys but are now fighting for the good guys (with questionable ethics or goals, at times).

T-Rex = one of the SSP groups? Or an ancient underground civilization? Old enemies of the dracos?

Water Dinosaur = Another SSP? ETs who are just “passing by” and happened to get caught up in the fight?

Chris Pratt’s character = Earth Alliance? The Resistance? SSPs/military?

Mass of people in the middle of the park, wondering what’s going on out there = me.

07 / 07 on the back of the seats of the wrecked car = the seventh of July? (Mass arrests? The Event? Full Disclosure? Who knows.)

As you can tell by the number of question marks, I’m guessing at a lot, here.

On the topic of dates, I think this is the first movie I’ve noticed that begins with a Christmas/snow theme and does not premiere during that holiday season. Therefore, I had the impression that the movie was rushed (or else was late in getting to theaters).

So at the end, there were three strong groups (Raptors, T-Rex, and the water dinosaur) that tag-teamed the white dinosaur. Bam, bam, bam! And the white one couldn’t really deal with all of them at once like that (and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” concept was at play, there).

The final take-down was perfectly timed, I thought.

Supposedly, the Illuminati/Cabal/Whatever let us know what they’re planning before they do it (often through movies like this), and supposedly the “magic” can work for the positive, as well. IF that is so, then the “good guys” (Earth Alliance, SSPs, Solar Warden, Illuminati defectors, positive ETs, etc) may be planning a big tag-team take-down of the “bad guys.” If they’re hoping for “permission” of the masses, then you’ve got mine, partly. You guys have my conscious permission to tag-team the reptilians and bring them in to have trials for crimes against humanity (along with the others). If that’s even possible. I have no idea, really, but the thought of rehabilitating the reptilians and having them be loving and kind again seems nice, rather than just killing them.

Just based on ideas I picked up from some of these sites:





There’s also Vigilant Citizen, but I haven’t really gone there in a few years.


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