About the Blog

These journals were originally written in notebooks.

The blog includes:

  • divorce
  • being fired from a job
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous groups
  • therapy
  • a move across the U.S.
  • the embracing of new age ideals and conspiracy theories
  • living in a homeless shelter

Names and details about locations have been changed, in order to protect everyone’s privacy.


4 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Hi. Was curious as to whether you’d had readings in both America and abroad, and, if so, how has that influenced the type of readings? I do distant readings all over the world, and was curious how my southern girl views affect (good or bad…lol) my work, sometimes. What has the experience been like for you, overall? Blessings.

    • I only have experience with having psychic readings in America, at this time, so I’m not quite sure how it would compare.

      I DO, however, believe that psychic readings are influenced by a person’s beliefs. I say this because I went to a psychic when I was about 21 years old. She had a strong foreign accent (Mexican? Middle Eastern?) and a lot of Catholic imagery around her home. I asked her about any past lives, but she didn’t appear to understand me. There was either too much of a language barrier, or else her religious beliefs were blocking her from seeing anything about reincarnation (I think most Catholics/Christians do not believe in recurring lives).

      I had a strange feeling that she was using a fake language barrier (pretending that she didn’t understand what I was asking her) as a way to get around an uncomfortable topic (past lives). I don’t know that for sure; it was just a hunch.

      I was disappointed because the past life stuff is the stuff I was most interested in.

      I suppose now that I’d feel most comfortable talking with a psychic reader who is open to things like reincarnation, indigo children, extra terrestrial beings, etc., and who has enough of a grasp of the English language to be able to communicate fairly well when talking about deeper spiritual issues.

      Living abroad and striving to learn the local language has caused me to become more patient and compassionate towards people who are slow(er than me) at speaking English.

      Whether we’re from the south, north, east, or west, our views are shaped by many things: our surroundings, our culture, our childhoods, our experiences, and our perception of those experiences; and I’m sure those views DO end up affecting what we do, what kind of readings are given, what is perceived, etc. In psychic readings or daily life, we all probably tend to look for confirmation of what we believe in, and less likely to see or detect that which goes against what we believe to be true.

      Overall, I am currently unsure about psychics in general. I’ve had several readings done, including self-readings with tarot cards and runes when I was 20-23 years old. Visiting a psychic brings me hope and joy for several days, maybe several weeks. Then I often start feeling down again and want to go back. This gives me a clue that I’m looking for something which probably cannot be found in psychic readings. To the psychic readers’ credits, though, their readings ARE good for spurring many journal pages of introspection, and I believe I grow as a person and as a spiritual being, even if just a little, as a result.

      • What a wonderful response!
        I would love to do a reading with you sometime, then, if you are ever interested. I will share with you that, in my experience, visiting with a true empath/intutive is like getting a wonderful massage or going to a credible, talented chiropractor. This is a type of maintenance, and it is necessary, and good to connect to Creator through the ‘antennae’ of another, on some sort of regular basis. I typically get a massage from a well seasoned masseur about every 6-8 weeks, just to keep ‘tuned up’, so to speak.

        When we receive complementary assistance from the ethers, through reiki, magnified healing, herbals, crystal healing, Native American ceremony, aboriginee toning, tibetan practices, etc. I find that it helps us to remember who we are. Then, we go back to our lives, and work on developing deeper connections to Creator in whatever way suits our souls.

        As one of the last few old indigos(few compared to star/crystal seeds), who has Asperger’s, sees through the veil, holds energy, takes pain, works in the aura, hearing, seeing and smelling, I have found that Creator has given us the gift of free will so that we may choose our own intents in life, with some intentions carrying more ‘power’ than others, but with all being valuable learning experiences.

        That is the beauty of being human, I think, that we are each unique, but all a part of each other. I enjoy our dialogue, and wish you much joy. Blessings…

      • Thank you for the offer for a reading. I will keep it in mind, for the future. 🙂

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