Ideas for Healing

  1. Native American Spirit Prayer.
  2. A comparison between the Spiral Steps and the 12 Steps of SAA.
  3. Personal “Bill of Rights.”
  4. Journal Exercise: Symptoms. Taken from a book called Facing Love Addiction, by Pia Mellody.
  5. Addiction to Fantasy: Subtle Nuances of Sex Addiction, article by Ted W. Allison, M.A.
  6. One thing that greatly helped my healing process was writing letters to people, without the intent to actually send it to the person. I made letters for my deceased uncle, my aunt, my deceased mom, my inner child, another one to my mom, and to my dad. There is also a practice letter for setting boundaries.
  7. List all the people we’re angry at. (My example list).
  8. Shadow Work: Facing the dark and the light inside of us.
  9. Advice on confronting a parent, from the book, Toxic Parents.
  10. Autobiography in Five Short Chapters, the famous poem by Portia Nelson.
  11. A graph of recovery & growth, vs. time, a comical look at the recovery process.
  12. Talking to therapists might not be for everyone, but it helped me so I like to recommend it.

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